Produkte, Engeneered and Made in Germany

We developed a high-performance spotlight series, which covers most range of application in the professional lighting sector because of following features: the optional gradation of performance, dimmable luminosity, the option of changing the angle of radiation and the variation of color temperature.

We put the highest emphasis on quality regarding development and production of our products. Therefore our products are completely manufactured in Germany, according to the high legal and safety-related requirements.

Engineered and Made in Germany

The LED high-performance spotlights are suitable for the international market due to their certifications. With energy cost savings of about 90% in relation to conventional 500 W – 10 kW lamps the new LED high-performance spotlights fulfil all requirements of the state-of-the-art lighting techniques. The outstanding light quality satisfies the high requirements in the field of TV and therefore is adaptable in other business segments in an optimal way.


  • Lighting for television studios and movie productions
    With best colour rendering and optimally illuminated scenes you save high costs in postproduction.
  • Trade fair and exhibition
    Unlike conventional spotlights the light of our LED high-performance spotlights is free of UV-radiation or IR-radiation emission and is therefore not damaging the exhibits. Also unlike conventional spotlights they don't generate displeasing radiant heat.
  • Architectural and event lighting
    With integrated control the luminosity of the light is dimmable and the color temperature is variable to create light moods and a perfect ambience. In order to fit the visual needs in the fields of architecture, store constructions and events the colour of the body of the high-performance spotlights is available in all RAL colours and of course the standard colours black and white.
  • Store lighting
    Also here the intensive and luminous colour rendering affects the presentation of the goods, comparably with sunlight, however, without radiant heat.

Technical advantages

  • Low power drain
    Savings of electrical costs of ca. 90% compared to conventional lamps.
  • Low heat generation by optimal noiseless cooling
    An active cooling electronic, temperature-controlled, slow-running fan with the models M10, M20, M50 and M100 provides for a case temperature of only approx. 40°C at normal surroundings temperature. In the model M5 this temperature is reached without fan.
  • DMX 512 protocol
    Controlled by DMX 512 protocol there is the possibility of changing the dimmung of the light from 0 to 100% , as well as changing of the colour temperature to a certain extent.
  • Minor obsolescence
    Almost no reduction of brightness or change of colour temperature during lifespan. Reduction of weight and durability due to impact-proof polyamide body.
  • No emission of UV-radiation or IR-radiation, low heat generation
  • Single-shadow imaging
  • Integrated dimmer
    Dimmable between 0 and 100% without loss of colour temperature by DMX 512 protocol.
  • Option model with different colour temperature
    3.200 K (artificial light) und 5.800 K (daylight)

Economical advantages

  • Return on investment
    With energy cost savings of about 90% in relation to conventional 500 W – 10 kW lamps the return on investment is possible within short time period.
  • Minor costs of air-conditioning
    Significant cost reduction of air-conditioning due to little heat generation.
  • No costs for additional features
    An integrated control redundantises the customary dimmer technology and due to little power consumption lots of cable routes can be saved.
  • No costs for illuminants
    With a lifespan of about 50,000 operating hours there are almost no additional costs for illuminants.
  • No maintenance costs
    Our LED high-performance spotlights nearly are free of maintenance costs (personnel and tools).

Additional Features and Accessories

  • Different optics
    The spotlight can easily be assembled with different optics for changing light emission angles. Different optics are available in range of about 8°-44°FWHM (Full Width Half Maximum).
  • Colour-foil frames
    There is the possibility to equip the lamps with foil frames to generate coloured or effect light for given occasions.
  • Adjustable barn door
    To avoid glare and reduce scattered light we offer adjustable barn doors.
  • Remote control
    Model with remote control p.o. (pole operated) for film-studios
  • Adaptor for TV assembly connections or bus bar systems
  • Cases in different sizes

Technical specifications


LED M5 day/art

LED M10 day/art

LED M20 day/art

LED M50 day/art

LED M100 day/art

Electrical power

40 W

95 W

160 W

ca. 420 W

ca. 840 W

Number of LEDs






Operation voltage

90-265 V

90-265 V

90-265 V

90-265 V

90-265 V


ca. 50.000 hours*

ca. 50.000 hours*

ca. 50.000 hours*

ca. 50.000 hours*

ca. 50.000 hours*

Colour temperature

3.200 K ** / 5.800 K ***

3.200 K ** / 5.800 K ***

3.200 K ** / 5.800 K ***

3.200 K ** / 5.800 K ***

3.200 K ** / 5.800 K ***


2,7 Kg

5,8 Kg

9,0 Kg

ca. 15 Kg

ca. 35 Kg

Body length

150 mm

220 mm

255 mm

380 mm

410 mm

Ø Lense aperture area

130 mm

190 mm

240 mm

320 mm

480 mm

Luminous flux

ca. 1.200 lm

ca. 3.000 lm

ca. 5.400 lm

ca. 14.400 lm

ca. 28.800 lm

Technical data are subject to change. // (*) as specified by the manufacturer // (**) art // (***) day

Requested certification marks: UL / D Mark / ENEC Mark

Development and design in cooperation with
LBH-Design Eyk Homberger